Monday, May 16, 2011

Captain Marvel/Alter Ego#91 cover

Here's a prelim for a special cover done for Alter Ego, where I would finish the main figure, and then Emilio Squeglio, a Fawcett artist of their glory days, would finish the image in the mirror. Emilio is a great guy, with an amazingly diverse career. Also a fun guy to talk to. Anyhow, next, you can see how this left my drawing board!


Cap A said...

Hi Jerry,

any idea where the finished original drawing ended ?


OkayComics said...

Dom, the art was auctioned off to benefit The HERO Initiative, a great cause! Best, JER

Tomás said...

Hi Jerry
I love your Cap Marvel version, hope we could see a new series with your art.

Cap A said...

Mixing up your rendition of Cap Marvel and Emilio'sone was a great idea. Emilio is, just as you are, not only a talented artist, he's a true gentleman.

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