Monday, May 9, 2011

Birds of Prey cover, with Batgirl!

This cover was a fun one to draw, as it was a homage, or rip-off of a 60's DC cover! The editor, Mike Carlin, loved it, but then, editorial above him made him black out the Batgirl figure, for some reason that seemed important at that time. I know this is a business, and they need to sell comics, but moves like this are just pointless, and arbitrary. Plus they ruined a good cover.

Birds of Prey is trademark and copyright 2011 by DC Comics


Mike Mikulovsky said...

Nice cover Jerry, ya that stinks they black out Batgirl! DUH! I agree they ruined a beautiful cover!

Rachel E. Ordway said...

They blacked out the figure because the story was supposed to be "the mystery of who the new Batgirl was" (even though it was a character that had never been introduced before that issue). So I agree that that probably worked better for the sake of the cover, but this original version should be available as a poster or something.