Monday, October 22, 2012

World's Finest#5 cover, sketch to finish

World's Finest#5 cover sketch on ebay

The split cover scene was ditched by DC, in favor of the full figure of Power Girl. This is a partially finished image, with more black shading to come!

And here's the final line art version!
World's Finest, Power Girl, and the Huntress are trademark and copyright 2012 by DC Entertainment

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Superman:Exile in Space prelim

Superman in Exile cover sketch/prelim on EBAY click here

At top is the prelim for a painting for the trade collection of Superman:Exile in Space. The initial sketch done for editorial approval is below. I like both, but the top one has Superman surrounded by black space, making him seem more isolated. See how this works now? There's always more to this stuff than is evident  in the final cover or art:)

Superman is trademark and copyright 2012 by DC Entertainment