Monday, May 30, 2011

JSA #25 p 11 prelim on ebay

Here's yet another prelim, for JSA showing Black Adam fighting Isis!  Below is  the finished pencils for you to compare! Best,JER

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New JSA prelims ebay auction

Hey, here's another pair of prelims done for JSA#25. Compare to the finished pencils below, to see what gets tweaked and what stays the same!

these images are TM and copyright 2011 DC Comics

Monday, May 23, 2011

JSA#25 pages and prelims for comparisons

The prelims for these pages flowed pretty good, and fast, as it was near the end of the deadline:) Pressure loosens up the creativity many times.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Captain Marvel/Alter Ego#91 cover

Here's a prelim for a special cover done for Alter Ego, where I would finish the main figure, and then Emilio Squeglio, a Fawcett artist of their glory days, would finish the image in the mirror. Emilio is a great guy, with an amazingly diverse career. Also a fun guy to talk to. Anyhow, next, you can see how this left my drawing board!

Friday, May 13, 2011

More JSA#25 page prelims and pencil comparisons

These are two more pages of prelims for JSA, featuring Bad Billy, and Evil Mary:) Anyhow, they are for sale on ebay now, and also here for your viewing pleasure! Below are the finished pages as they left my drawing board.

This story is in the Black Adam and Isis trade collection, and the images and characters are trademark and copyright 2011 by DC Comics

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JSA#25, pages 16-17 prelims on EBAY!

Above are two preliminary drawings, used to create the actual pages in JSA.

Here are the pages as they left my table! Page 16 went to inker Bob Wiacek, while I inked page 17 myself, due to tight deadlines. I also inked other pages in the issue. With p 17, I recall that I printed my prelim out in blueline, on a sheet of Strathmore paper, and just inked, using a Hunt #102 crowquill, Pitt brushpen, and a brush loaded with Pelikan ink, to fill in black areas. P 16 I lightboxed in pencil.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birds of Prey cover, with Batgirl!

This cover was a fun one to draw, as it was a homage, or rip-off of a 60's DC cover! The editor, Mike Carlin, loved it, but then, editorial above him made him black out the Batgirl figure, for some reason that seemed important at that time. I know this is a business, and they need to sell comics, but moves like this are just pointless, and arbitrary. Plus they ruined a good cover.

Birds of Prey is trademark and copyright 2011 by DC Comics

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Superman/Gorilla Grodd prelim for trading card art on Ebay

This is the sketch done for the art director at DC handling the Upper Deck "VS" series, and shows how to pack a lot of content into something that was printed a little larger than a postage stamp:) Below is the finished line art. Note that with something like this, you often have to "over-sell" the idea. Superman now has a bag of money in one hand, to help sell that he is robbing the bank, not just stealing a vault, while under Grodd's mind-control. Be careful around intelligent apes, I always say! Jer

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birds of Prey#100 cover sketch on ebay!

Hey, this was a small layout, done for editor Mike Carlin's approval, back when I did a bunch of Birds of Prey covers. Mike was always easy to work with on these things, and this cover run I did remains a favorite of mine. Note the small figure of Judo Master, on the corner of the sketch, done by me to help figure out the way the costume would work on the female version of Judo Master. As Carlin was most always on schedule, and rarely missed getting these covers done in time for Diamond's solicitations, I sometimes didn't have interior art as reference for the cover images. I probably had just the list of characters to include, and most had appeared somewhere previously, except maybe the lady Judo Master.
 For comparison, the finished cover is posted below.
As you see, some elements are different on the final art, depending on the editor's direction or even my own desire to sneak more characters onto the cover. I don't recall which reason applied here. Jer

Sunday, May 1, 2011

JSA#25 pages 1,2 prelims, on Ebay

Here's two JSA prelims on ebay now! Check it out!
Here's how they turned out in pencil!

from this storyline, collected here:

Kid Flash upper deck trading card prelim on Ebay

Here's the layout for a Kid Flash trading card done for DC licensing a few years back, for editorial approval, as well as to work out the details before drawing on the good paper:)
also provide the finished drawing, not on Ebay!