Monday, March 24, 2014

Thunder Agents covers

These are the sketches I did for the current IDW series of Thunder Agents. The second sketch was used for a later cover in the series. They're both up for bid on Ebay, at:

Thunder Agents cover sketches on EBAY

This was a lot of fun, and if you haven't picked up the new Thunder Agents series, you're missing a good read!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Illegitimates #2 cover demo

 I did this sketch for the cover, inspired by a movie poster I had remembered. I produced a movie poster type-graphic for the first issue, and wanted to try the same approach here. I was very happy that the creators liked this sketch, because I was happy with it myself. I sketched this with markers on paper, then added tones in photoshop, because I wanted the silhouette shape to read clearly.
 Here is the line art, done in quill pen, some brush and Pelikan drawing ink.

Finally, I scanned and opened it in Photoshop, for coloring. Being pretty new to computer painting, I spent a few days on this stage. I put more rendering into the small details than I needed, but have a hard time with the zoom view. My palette was made up of k-free colors, because I like the clean and bright aspect of colors without grey in the mix. And the black line art pops more this way.

Illegitimates#2 ships January 15th from IDW. Ask for this variant cover.

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