Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ordster's Random Thoughts: Another ebay piece, this one Tom Strong

Another ebay piece, this one Tom Strong

Here's another ebay auction being held now. I did this sketch for editorial approval, and then drew the actual Tom Strong cover using it as a guide.  A cover sketch like this can be loose or tight, with the idea of selling the concept to an editor.

My current ebay auction

Hey all, this is now up on ebay, but thought you'd like seeing a better image of it. It's a tight layout, used to print in blueline on drawing paper, and inked, for publication. I think this may have been the first time I did this process.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Read Bibbo's twitter feed!

Hey all, I just saw that my pal, Bibbo has started a Twitter account under ""
I am posting a page of art from a Wildcat story, in last year's JSA annual, with Bibbo!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My ebay auction

Hey, here's the ebay auction I am doing, along with the art. Hope you check it out.

I'm back after two years! Yikes!

Hey, after a few years, I decided to try my blog again. Kind of embarrassed to have it sitting here, on blogger with no new info or art. I am currently drawing the last few chapters of the Lobo serial in Weird Worlds, out from DC. This has been a busy few years for me, thanks to some fun projects like an arc for Superman-Batman, and DC Legacies issues. With Superman-Batman, the editor wanted to see me do the art in greyscale, which was a lot of extra work. I think it came out fine, but it took me a while to decide how much grey would be too much for the colorist to deal with. I am posting a page here, for all to see. Also, I have linked an ebay auction I am doing, just for anyone who cares. I am dipping my toe into the ebay selling pool, and may do more if the response is good. Thanks again for checking out this, and the auction !