Thursday, June 16, 2022

New collected edition of Proton available!

Hey all! As Messenger #23 and Proton #1 are sold out, I created a new edition collecting the Proton story pages from each issue in one convenient package! So if you somehow missed the first two chapters, this is how you can read them, along with Proton #2, sold separately. I also reduced some postage charges, because I like you :) 

These prices apply to domestic US shipping only. If you want a comic shipped internationally, contact me at . Same applies for bulk orders, US or international.

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1)

$5 + $5 shipping

Proton #2

$6 + $5 shipping

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1) and Proton #2

$11 + $7 shipping

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