Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Messenger #23 2nd Printing

Update: Messenger #23 and Proton #1 are now out of print. They have been reprinted together in a single issue, "Proton Part 1."

Hey, I am happy to offer the new Proton #2, for sale. There are options on the last button to order all three, or any two. Please specify on the paypal order which issues you are wanting, so I know what to send.

All copies of the first printing of Messenger #23 are sold out. A new second printing of Messenger #23 features a different cover, but the same exciting contents as the previous one :) 

Both issues feature a combination of comic story and commission drawings I have done. The story of Proton starts in Messenger #23 and continues in Proton #1. I am working on another chapter of the story now, for publication later in 2021.

The PayPal links reflect new shipping costs, which have risen steadily in the past few years since I originally offered these comics. 

These prices apply to domestic US shipping only. If you want a comic shipped internationally, contact me at . Same applies for bulk orders, US or international.

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1)

$5 + $5 shipping

Proton #2

$6 + $5 shipping

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1) and Proton #2

$11 + $7 shipping


Robert K said...

Mr.Ordway , I ordered both books ( okay comics $17 ) the other day with old shipping rates . Now that it’s updated how can I make good ?

Kid said...

It only seems like a few short months ago (yeah, I know it's been years) that you were one of the very best artists at Marvel and DC. You're probably an even better artist now than you were then, so I think it's almost criminal that they aren't giving you as much work as you can handle on their top titles. Absolutely shocking.

Robert K said...

Received both books yesterday and they are fantastic !

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