Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adventures of Superman #486 cover

I am  posting this scan, of a Superman cover from 1992. This has the lettering on an acetate overlay, and the cover is in great shape, no bends or damage. I had fun drawing this one, and I recall that it is a cover that didn't "fight" me. Any artists out there will know what I mean by that. Sometimes they just flow from the pen or brush, and sometimes (many times) they don't. Back then, cover designs weren't approved by committee, but by the editor (Mike Carlin), and DC's cover editor (I think Curtis King at this time), whose job it was to try and avoid any too-similar designs in a given month.

I'd like to offer this for sale, but I am not sure about doing it here. Any interested can email me at:  I am asking $2200 plus shipping costs, depending on location. Thanks.

Superman is trademark and copyright 2013 by DC Entertainment.


Matt said...

Its fantastic Jerry, love it.

Gabriele Russo said...

Fantastic!!! Great Jerry!

Jason Statham said...

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