Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Human Bomb #3 sketch to finished cover

My latest comic project, The Human Bomb, has had three of four issues published by DC Comics as of this writing, and I hope you will seek them out, online at Comixology, or at a local comic book shop. You can search for stores in your area online. Comic books are how I earn my living, and I depend on sales to keep me employable:)

I started with 4 choices for the editor, and threw in one idea that was a bit of a spoiler as it happens inside the issue. Usually don't like to do that, but I felt like I was tapped out on the more generic "Human Bomb blows up robots" idea.

Editor and whoever else at DC chose sketch#3, which I decided to draw smaller than normal, because of the perspective points being easier to locate off the paper area on my drawing table. Often, perspective shots are easier to draw smaller when the "vanishing points" your lines are going towards will still be able to be marked on the paper or even on your drawing surface. At full 10x15" size, I would have had these vanishing points two feet off the side of the table. Also it is good, I think, to do things differently, even if only for variety, once and a while.

When I went to color, I started with the background, and then the floor surface, to establish the mood, and color values for the image. In photoshop, you can zoom in on every detail so much, that I overworked the smallest details, things that don't show up in the printed comic. I'm still trying to find that balance in coloring digitally. When you paint on paper, there's a limit to how small your brush size is, and it helps keep you from focusing too close:)

Human Bomb and all related characters are trademark and copyright DC Entertainment 2013, and used here for promotional purposes.


Lee Kalba said...

When coloring digitally, I have a rule of thumb, of only zooming in to 200% maximum, but try to work around 75% zoom. I try to only go into 200% when I'm doing flats and can't seem to hit a fine line right.

Jason Statham said...

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