Thursday, January 3, 2013

Human Bomb #1 cover from sketch to finish

I got the email on a weekend asking to get a cover done by the coming mid-week. I dashed off these two sketches, and got the okay on the first one.
 Since I wanted to try coloring myself, I did this in photoshop, in order to give myself a color rough to work from.

The line art followed, and I finished this by Monday night.
 My daughter helped set up the scan, and flatted the piece for me while I slept, so that I could start in on Tuesday.
I probably spent more time on this than I needed to, as I had no way of judging what level of detail would show in print, but I got it done by the deadline, and was generally happy with it. 

Human Bomb is trademark and copyright 2013 by DC Entertainment, and used here for promotional purposes only.


Mike Mikulovsky said...

WOW! That's alot of hard work!! That's really great your daughter can & is helping you too. It looks amazing Jerry! That should really get fans to pivk it up too. The other sketch looks equally as cool.

Jason Statham said...

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