Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doomsday Annual#1/Gil Kane and Jerry Ordway

Earlier, I posted pencils drawn by the late, great Gil Kane, for the Doomsday Annual, published by DC Comics in the 90's. Here are my inks for the story. I was directed to beef up Doomsday, and change a few other things, as directed by the editor. One page had to be fixed, as I inked what I thought were rocks, but it was supposed to be transparent solid energy. It was great to ink anything by Gil, who was one of my favorites.

Blogged here for fun and educational purposes.
Doomsday is trademark and copyright DC Entertainment, and not to be reused without permission


Mike Collins said...

Beautiful work Jerry, and instructive after seeing Kane's layout. Wish I had a chance to work like that... my pencils are stupidly tight!

Mike Collins said...

Maybe if I get a break from Doctor Who and to do something for DC again, I should pitch me laying out, you inking!

Jack Martin said...

New follower Jack Martin here. Gil Kane is one of my faves, but I musta missed this when it came out. AAARRRGGHH!So thanks much for posting it; I look forward to seeing what other goodies you have here!

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