Thursday, October 6, 2011

Color guide for the cover to Superman#40

Superman#40 cover color guide on EBAY here

Here's another color guide, done for the mechanical color separation process in comics, prior to computer coloring.This is a favorite cover of mine, as it's always fun to draw Kirby creations, like the four armed terror!

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Mike Hawthorne said...

This is fantastic, Jerry! Love the text turning the corner on that slab of wall!


Tim said...

These are great! I loved it when covers were like that. I always liked the dialog on the covers too. Those were the days when the heroes were good guys!

Don Sparrow said...

Another great piece! I remember this issue--this era is probably my favourite in all of comics!

OkayComics said...

Thanks all. I really hope that DC will collect the Superman stuff from when I started writing as well as drawing the book, as I believe it's my strongest Superman work. I always look at that era, and wonder why I can't draw as well now! I suspect that writing the stuff made me more invested in the stories, as opposed to now, where I am only an art-monkey:)