Monday, October 17, 2011

Power of Shazam#3 cover prelim

Power of Shazam #3 cover prelim on EBAY click here

Here's an example of the stage before painting a cover-- this tracing paper full sized prelim, which was transferred to the art board and then painted. I drew this based on the cover sketch, which had been done first for editorial approval.

Power of Shazam and all characters are trademark and copyright 2011 DC Comics


Mike Mikulovsky said...

I loved this cover! One of my all time favorites of the series!

Jim Baird said...

All of the covers for Power of Shazam! were amazing! I would love to have a color portfolio of the art from all of the covers to frame and hang all over my house. There was real passion in those covers.

Hi Jerry. What is your next comics project?