Monday, September 19, 2011

New Captain Marvel drawing

Captain Marvel sketch on ebay

Here's a fun drawing I did Sunday, to warm up, drawing wise. Always fun to draw the Captain!

Shazam is trademark and copyright 2011 DC Comics


Shazamaholic said...

Very nice!

Tim said...

Oh man. The bidding on this one is gonna be brutal. My wife will probably have a fit if I jump in on this one. Hmmm... Gotta run to the flower shop! ;)

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Great piece Jer! That's why I miss your work on POS so much! As well as your beautiful covers. I'd rather DC had made the POS bi-monthly. To keep you doing the covers & full pencils. Thnks for sharing this with us! SHAZAM!

McAfees said...

AWESOME!!! I just wish I had money to get it!!!!


OkayComics said...

Thanks for the nice comments! This was a blast to draw, and I'll probably do another soon, for Ebay, as time allows. Still not sure how to predict what sells better than another thing, on Ebay! Best,JER