Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures of Superman #449 cover color guide

Adventures #449 cover color guide Ebay link

Here's another cover color guide, from a really fun period of my time on the Superman books. For starters, this was a story involving Kirby's Guardian character, and the Cadmus labs, and I had just started writing as well as drawing it, a few months earlier. Enjoy!

Adventures of Superman, and all related characters shown
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Rich said...

Thanks for posting these, Jerry. The series of covers you did on Adventures of Superman are pretty much my favourite comic covers of all time. For me 338, 339 and 441 are particular favourites. I bought two copies of 441, took the cover off the second copy, and put it on the wall above my drawing board. I've moved a few times since then but that cover is still above my drawing board and still looks as amazing as it did the first time I saw it. Thanks for all of the great and inspirational work.

OkayComics said...

Thanks Rich. I hate to use the "glory days" analogy, but I was firing on all cylinders then, feeling appreciated on the book, having my ideas used, and working with a great editorial team. With all that support, I was having the best time, and proving myself as well. It was a scary time, after Byrne quit the Superman books, and by issue #441, I felt like I was coming out from under his shadow a bit. Thanks, JER