Thursday, August 24, 2017

New comic/sketchbook available for order now.

Update: Messenger #23 and Proton #1 are now out of print. They have been reprinted together in a single issue, "Proton Part 1."

I've just published a new combination of comic book and sketchbook, titled "The Messenger" after a hiatus. My previous self-publishing efforts (through my imprint "Okay Comics") have been booklet sized, and and more modest efforts. This publication is 40 pages (36 interior plus color covers) and comic book sized, approximately 6 1/2"x 10". My goal is to adhere to a quarterly schedule, and here's where I need help! I need you to buy and read it, which in turn will put the pressure back on me, to create new content for the publication. It's a win-win scenario :)

A little about the contents:

There's a 10 page lead story featuring a creation of mine called "Proton" that has been gestating for an awful long time! I first published the character in my fanzine "Okay Comix" in the early 1970's, and wrote and drew another chapter in 1978 that remains unpublished. In the years since, I have refined and re-thought the concept, almost drawing it for Image in the 1990's. Now, I am committed to finally getting it launched, though in smaller increments, as I still need to pay the bills by drawing custom art for fans.

Speaking of custom art, the remainder of the issue is filled with the many custom commissions I drew in 2013! I often post the digital images on Twitter or Facebook, but they're printed in "The Messenger" #23 for the first time anywhere!

These prices apply to domestic US shipping only. If you want a comic shipped internationally, contact me at . Same applies for bulk orders, US or international.

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1)

$5 + $5 shipping

Proton #2

$6 + $5 shipping

Proton Part 1 (collecting Messenger #23 + Proton #1) and Proton #2

$11 + $7 shipping


Unknown said...

Hi Jerry,
I'd like to inquire about shipping rates to the U.K.

Many thanks,


-> Ray said...

I just placed an order, but I would be interested in knowing if you would sign the book?

-> Ray said...

It came in today's mail. This is a great publication, and I'll look forward to further issues. (Thanks also for signing it!)

Ian Giggal said...

Hi Jerry,

I'd love to buy a copy, what would shipping cost to Niagara Falls Canada?

Blam said...

I just ordered a copy. I'm not big on autographs in general, but the first time we met you signed that DC Super-Heroes activity book you drew way back when — and if you'd be so kind as to personalize this before mailing I'll have my calendar alert me to ask again in another 25 years. 8^)

Unknown said...

Hi Jerry! I'm currently the voice of The Flash on Justice League Action. - charlie schlatter

Peter said...

Dear Mr Ordway, how much would shipping be for The Messenger #23 to the UK?


Peter Noble

Boz said...

Hi, it looks great! Please let me know what would be the cost for shipping to Rome, Italy.

motherpopcorn said...

Ordered! Looking forward to reading it! And, hey, if you feel like signing it, Bibbo would approve!

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