Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Superman versus Nazis poster concepts

Back around the time we created the time travel storyline for Superman, called Time and Time Again, DC had started selling posters again, so I was asked to paint  a poster that could be sold, and also serve to promote our storyline. I started with these three sketches, done rough and sent to the poster editor.

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Sketch number 1 was chosen, and I drew this tight prelim as a guide for painting. I used marker, so that it would photocopy cleanly. I taped the photocopy over a piece of canvas board, slipped a sheet of home made carbon paper (tracing paper covered with a black chalk) underneath and then traced over the lines on the copy, transferring the chalk layer onto the canvas board. Next I painted the piece in acrylics.
This is a photo of the finished poster, which has been on my studio door long enough to get dinged up:)

Superman and all related characters are trademark and copyright 2013 by DC Entertainment.


Stu said...

This is awesome to see the different steps in your artwork.

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Very cool Jer, I remember selling these. At the Collector's Edge's various locations. Love seeing the process of the finished pieces.

Jason Statham said...

Living it up; living placard statesman n more n more. best wp themes

Dave S said...

Time and Time Again is from my favourite era of Superman, I hadn't followed Supes for a few years til around this time, and I really reconnected with the books then. The various creative teams - yourself, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern and Bob McLeod - told stories that just captivated me (especially Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite) and I felt that the Superman titles at the time had a kind of regal classiness to them, like they were rising above the crass commercialism that was starting to creep in to the industry - there were no cheap gimmicks or gratuitous guest-stars, just good solid storytelling and lovely art by people who clearly loved and took pride in their work.

Just heard the interview you done on Word Balloon too, Jerry, very interesting stuff and the passion you clearly have for comics comes across very strongly.

Great to see how the finished artwork evolved, as someone with zero artistic ability, to see the drawing process like this feels to me like I'm watching an alchemist start out with some scrap metal and skilfully turn it to gold.

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