Monday, June 17, 2013

Avengers cover sketch

Avengers cover sketch on ebay HERE

Sketch, and finished printed cover. This was a fun project to do, working with my pal Dan Jurgens who did the companion Fantastic Four Domination Factor mini-series, which told a complete story between the two books.

Avengers and all related characters are trademark and copyright 2013 Marvel Enterprises


Mike Mikulovsky said...

Very cool Jer!
I really loved this mini-series. As well as that issue or Thor annual you inked. Over John Buscema's pencils as well. As that one great issue of Capt.A set in WWII with Dan.

Keith said...


Love the new artwork, thank you for sharing!

I was browsing through your older posts and saw your after 50 posting and was SO disappointed. This is one fan who has always LOVED your writing and artwork. Frankly, I feel like you and Alex Ross were the only two who could draw DC's Captain Marvel with the same kind of flare and wonder that C. C. Beck achieved. I really miss your work on The Power of Shazam (one of my all time favorites), Infinity Inc. and other titles. Another of my favorites was your Red Menace miniseries. Is there any chance of some similar independent work like that little beauty in the future?

As for not being included in the new 52, don't feel too bad. Hopefully not working on those books will have freed you up for somethign better. Frankly I've stopped collecting DC as a result of their new 52 efforts, and miss the kind of stories and art work you and many of your other contemporary peers produced (Byrne, Ross, Davis, Perez, Weiringo, Buschema).

You are indeed an amazing influence in the industry, and I'm looking forward to your next BIG project, whatever it may be.


Jason Statham said...

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