Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gil Kane pencils/Doomsday Annual #1

For your enjoyment, here is something from my archives, a 12 page Doomsday story from the Doomsday Annual in 1994, I think. Written by Roger Stern, and later inked by me. Gil was always phenomenal, and this was a real treat for me to work on.

Doomsday and all related characters are trademark and copyright 2012 by DC Comics.


Mike Mikulovsky said...

WOW! Very cool Jerry! I've never seen this story! It must have sold out before I was able to get a copy!Thanks for posting this. Gil Kane was one of the true masters! I loved EVERYTHING he ever drew!

George Freeman said...

Excellent stuff! Thanks for the large size scans. Do you still have copies of your inks on these? I guess they would be finishes, since you would have been responsible for modelling and blacks.

Jason Statham said...

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