Friday, May 25, 2012

JSA 80 Page Giant cover prelims to finished cover

Prelim and sketches on Ebay here

Here are the cover ideas sent to the editor, with their choice, a"House of Mystery" themed one developed to a prelim. I proceeded to the finished art, below.

This was colored up, and used in Previews for solicitation, but then before the book was published, DC higher-ups dumped it, in favor of a different image. Another example of micro-managing, as it went through all the usual approvals along the way, from  editor to art director, and of course they chose the sketch to develop in the first place. Incidents like this are always sad for me, as I expected to front the cover of the book, which included a 10 page Wildcat story I wrote and drew.

JSA and all related characters are trademark and copyright 2012 by DC Comics.


Scott Cohn said...

oh man, all they wanted was their skateboard back! ;D

Jason Statham said...

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