Thursday, March 22, 2012

Power of Shazam#46 sketch to painting

Here's an example of the sketch done for editorial approval, along with a scan of the painted art. This image was inspired by a great Nick Cardy cover from a 1970's Superman comic.

Power of Shazam and all related characters are trademark and copyright DC Comics 2012


McAfees said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love how you draw Captain Marvel!!!! Thank you for all you did for this character with the POS GN and then the series. I wish the series was still around.

Tim said...

I loved this painting! I too love how you draw Cap. To me, you defined the way the character should look. Billy too. I wish you were still going strong on the POS Series. If a movie of Cap is ever made, I hope the studio draws it's plot straight from your graphic novel.

OkayComics said...

Thanks, that means a lot, even 13 years later:) I had so much fun on the Marvel Family. Jer

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Hi Jer
I totally agree with both McAfees & Tim as you well know. This was in my top three covers you did in the series. #1 & # 29? Hoppy were my other two top favs. I still can't believe DC didn't keep the series going.

With you still doing the covers, interior art & co-plotting atleast! What were they thinking? Thanks for doing POS & your decades of hard & beautiful work! SHAZAM! Mike