Monday, February 27, 2012

Thunder Agents prelim to final art example

Thunder Agents doublespread prelim on EBAY here:

Here's a recent job I did for DC, with the prelim above, and the finished inks below.

I drew this on a single sheet of coquille board, smaller than the standard two DC Comics art boards taped at the middle, because it is easier to scan and touch up without the cut line that exists on a taped together double-spread. You often have to digitally draw to connect broken lines between those pages, because the DC page template is a single file, not two pages. The coquille paper has bumps or texture that allow you to use a wax pencil (China Marker) to get fake grey tones on your line art. In this case, the subtlety of the shading was lost when the pages got colored, so it was not worth the extra effort I took. Still, the black and white art looks nice:)

Thunder Agents is trademark and copyright DC Comics 2012

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