Friday, August 26, 2011

JSA#54 page 4 prelim

JSA#54 page 4 prelim

Here's a new prelim, from a recent JSA issue,  done because I just needed to work out that one fight scene and get the characters in there that the writer (Marc Guggenheim) wanted. While it slows down my pace to do these, they are a great help with multiple characters, all using their powers or whatnot.


Jack Lawton said...

Mr. Ordway! I'm really happy! Earth-2 is back!


OkayComics said...

yeah, I read they were bringing back Earth 2. I suspected that, as I read about the new post relaunch DCU. Made sense to re-introduce the JSA that way, as was done in the 1960's. Hope it's good! Jer