Sunday, June 5, 2011

Superman coloring guide on ebay!

Superman #35 coloring guide

This was done for when I was a regular writer and artist on the Superman titles, and chose colors for the covers as well. Kerry Gammill drew this issue as a fill-in, and I volunteered to color the cover. Note the little pencil notes, with codes referring to a chart that DC supplied us, to spell out the formular for the color separators, who would cut film by hand, on overlay sheets, to create the plates for color printing. The covers offered more color sublety than you got on interior pages, as well as the shiney paper stock, which allowed the black ink plate to really pop from the color ones. To give Lex Luthor's head two color variations, I drew a simple pencil line to indicate where the shadow, or darker skin tone started. All is required was to add a small percentage of blue to the skin tone color, but it really helped make the drawing more 3 dimensional. Alas, this is a lost art, as colors are done on computer, and the one who chooses the color also creates the color plates as well.

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