Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shazam#2 cover

 Hey, here's a fun Shazam image I did a few years back for the Power of Shazam comic series! Done in Dr Martins' watercolor dyes and ink on 2 ply Strathmore drawing paper


Mike Mikulovsky said...

WOW! Boy I loved all your POS covers! I really miss that monthly book & especially your gorgeous covers & later interior art. I absoletuly hate what DC has done to the Marvels. Atleast you tried to stay close to the close to the core of these characters.

Thanks for all those great issues as well to Peter Krause & all the other greats who worked on that title. Like Curt Swan, Gil Kane & Dick Giorando. I can't believe we've lost all three since. I think were experincing Final Night here in Fawcett City! Were expecting 5" of snow! Holy Moley!

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Yet another great painted cover Jer. I hope one day we get to see you paint some more new covers for a Capt.Marvel monthly book or a second graphic novel. SHAZAM!