Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm back after two years! Yikes!

Hey, after a few years, I decided to try my blog again. Kind of embarrassed to have it sitting here, on blogger with no new info or art. I am currently drawing the last few chapters of the Lobo serial in Weird Worlds, out from DC. This has been a busy few years for me, thanks to some fun projects like an arc for Superman-Batman, and DC Legacies issues. With Superman-Batman, the editor wanted to see me do the art in greyscale, which was a lot of extra work. I think it came out fine, but it took me a while to decide how much grey would be too much for the colorist to deal with. I am posting a page here, for all to see. Also, I have linked an ebay auction I am doing, just for anyone who cares. I am dipping my toe into the ebay selling pool, and may do more if the response is good. Thanks again for checking out this, and the auction !


Patrick Olliffe said...

Wow, love the page Jerry!! Beautiful!

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Awesome! All it needs now is Charles Bronson!

william wray said...