Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power of Shazam poster sketch

Here's the original sketch for the Shazam retail poster done prior to the publication of the full color graphic novel I did. 
From the early 1990's. This was approved as is, and went smoothly to the finish stages, thanks to my editor and pal, Jonathan Peterson. 
The whole project was a fun experience, and DC was very patient in waiting on pages from me, as I was learning as I went along, working in full color. This poster was a way to get something out for sale, while the book was slowly being drawn. I did one other retail poster, Captain Marvel versus Black Adam, that went on sale closer to the book's completion. It was a good way of selling, as well as marketing a 25 dollar hardcover.
EBAY link here, for this sketch  :Shazam poster sketch on ebay

Shazam, and all related characters are trademark and copyright 2013 by DC Entertainment


Larry Wilson said...

That's an amazing drawing! My son has the Captain Marvel vs. Black Adam poster hanging in his room! Larry W.

Patrick Carlos said...

Nice! Would love to commission you for one on a blank sketch cover, Jerry. Appreciate it if you can check my messages to your email and ebay account. Thanks

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Beautiful poster Jerry. I loved the coloring on the poster too. Wish I had the $$ to pick this up. WOW!

Tim said...

This was a poster? I would LOVE to find one! I have the Cap vs Black Adam one. I soooooo wish I could afford this sketch. I hate being poor! LOL! I think the whole Power of Shazam era is the new Golden Age for Cap. I'm afraid he'll never again see such wonderful stories and breathtaking art. I guess I'll just have to continue to re-read all my Power of Shazam stuff. I own it all!

David Weter said...

The poster is gorgeous, and proudly hangs on the wall in my office. I had to search for years to find this poster, but it was totally worth it.

Jason statham said...

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